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The customer comments below were taken directly from responses for our online survey.  (Links to customer websites will open in a new browser window).

Having tried a number of online form handlers, I must say that this is by far the most straight forward and user friendly service I have found. Form results are concise and the help section is actually helpful. Great stuff.  - Cyprus Property sales  -http://www.cyprus-property-sales-resales.com 

I found that FormBreeze is the easiest, fastest, and least expensive of all when it comes to creating and hosting forms. I only had to create the form in my HTML editor and formBreeze did the rest. I've tried the others and I honestly believe there is no comparison to FormBreeze. David Cathey - President David Cathey & Associates http://www.davidcatheyassociates.com

Using FormBreeze was a breeze! It was duck soup! It was a plush ride! It made me look like I knew what I was doing and me and my ego really appreciate that. And SO affordable! - Ann Williams-  www.anndesigns.com

I'm still in my trial 10-day phase, but if this proves as useful and easy-to-use as it seems from the tutorial and 10-day trial, I will definitely be purchasing the subscription.

As a charity, with limited availability of web experience, FormBreeze enabled us to include a form on our site to allow people to support the Anthony Nolan Bone Marrow register by sending us their details without the need for an email client. All this was set up within 2 hours of discovering FormBreeze. We have already recomended 1 other website to do the same.  - RF, United Kingdom

The implementation was smooth, understandable and successful - which are bonus' in themselves! I can read HTML but I can't write it very well at the moment. FormBreeze was brilliant for integrating with my Dreamweaver MX2004 s/w. Well done. Looking forward to going 'live' in the next few days with FormBreeze. Footsolutions - www.footsolutions.co.uk

I appreciate the 'extra miles' which your support team has gone to resolve the minor form problems I've was having. I also appreciate your prompt replies to my questions. I don't recommend many services, but I will recommend Formbreeze whenever the opportunity arises. -Dele in Kansas, www.goldgoldgoldgold.com/fv/me

FormBreeze would have to be one of the easiest programs that I have used for validation, creation of CGI bins, etc. I had been pulling my hair out as to HOW to make these things work and then a friend put me onto FormBreeze. What a life saver. Saved me from loosing a client and widened my technical knowledge and support for my clients. Thank you FormBreeze. S McLeod - DESC Computers (Australia) http://www.desccomputers.com

Form Breeze allowed me to finish a quick turn around project in a fraction of the time it would have taken to set up a database and the scripting needed to do the same thing - and for only $7.95 a month what a bargain. - Cheryl - http://www.sonfestchapel.org

I was amazed after trying so hard to do this on my own, how easy it was through your service. I will consider purchasing a subscription as soon as my trial period ends.

For the money, this service is the easiest, least complicated form creater that I've found. And, I've experimented with a lot of them! I'm delighted with what you all have developed at FormBreeze. Thanks for keeping it affordable for me and my clients!  

Once I got the hang of it, its a.....breeze? I am a designer with an aversion to dealing with code. Depending on the cost of maintaining multiple sites I could make good use of this for clients.

This is an easy and pain free way to add forms to your website. It requires no specialist knowledge to implement.

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