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The sample form below will give you a basic idea of how our system works. The data you enter will not actually be sent anywhere.

Try entering various data in the fields below and then clicking the submit button. Notice how the validation works.

  • The First and Last name field must  be filled in.
  • The email address field must contain a properly formatted email address.
  • The phone number field must contain a 10-digit phone number with area code. Notice that you can include punctuation if you wish, for example (408) 123-4567 or 408-123-4567 but there must be 10 digits. (You can allow more digits or fewer for international numbers if necessary).
  • The fax number is not required and can be left blank. However, if you do choose to enter something it must a full 10 digit phone number. Try typing garbage into the fax field to see how this works.
  • A selection must be chosen from the "Where did you Hear About Us?" list.

Our free tool makes it easy to achieve this type of validation with no programming or HTML editing! You get complete control over what fields you want to validate and what type of information you want to require.

If you enter correctly formatted data in each of the required fields, FormBreeze would then process the submission and send the results to you (the owner of the website). Please keep in mind that FormBreeze also offers advanced features like autoresponders and saving all the data collected so you can download it later.  The best way to see how FormBreeze works is to sign up for a free trial and process some of your own forms!

FormBreeze works with any form!

We also have a A Visual Tutorial that will show you how easy it is to use FormBreeze.

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