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Visual Tutorial

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This tutorial will walk you through the process of getting a form working using FormBreeze.  If you follow the steps below, you should have your form working within 5-10 minutes.

Start by signing into your
account on the FormBreeze home page.
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After signing into your account, the Control Panel will appear. The illustration below shows the relevant portion of the Control Panel.  Follow the four steps below:

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The Validation tool will open in a new browser window.  Continue with step 5.

Note: You do not need to complete steps 5-9 below if you created your form using PageBreeze, our FREE HTML Editor.
PageBreeze has built-in support for our form processing and validation.  If you created your form with another HTML editor or tool, then the steps below are necessary for you to update your form's HTML code.
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Step 2 of the Validation tool will show all the fields in your form in the box on the left. Continue with step 7.

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Step 3 of the Validation tool will give you your updated HTML code.

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That's It!

Be sure that you have also uploaded the thank you/confirmation page to your website ("http://wwwmysite.com/thankyou.htm" in this example).

Once you have uploaded your updated html form to your website, try submitting some test data. The "thank you" or confirmation page will be displayed and you will be emailed the submission results.

Remember that you can log back into your control panel at any time to take advantage of all the other features that FormBreeze has to offer. These include autoresponder messages, collecting the data for later download, and much more.

Once you have basic form processing working, you never need to modify the form on your website. To add features, you simply log into your account.


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