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Form Field Validation Tool
(JavaScript Form Field Validation)

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This  FREE tool allows you to instantly add powerful javascript form field validation to your HTML forms.  This insures that your visitors enter the required information and that it is formatted correctly.

Our tool gives you lots of options for checking the information that your visitors enter. You can check for required fields, correctly formatted email addresses, phone numbers, zip codes and other number sequences, as well as numeric values within specific ranges.

If you use our form processing service , this tool will also update your form so that processing works. No manual editing is required!

It's Easy and Free to Validate the Fields in your HTML Form!

To get started, copy the entire HTML source of the file containing your form to the clipboard and then paste it into the box below. You can do this by choosing Edit | Select All and then Edit | Copy in your HTML Editor. Make sure you are viewing the HTML source (tags).

After you have added the necessary validation to your HTML form using our visual tool, you will be be given updated HTML code which includes the Javascript to validate your form fields. You then simply reverse the above step and replace the contents of your file with the new HTML code.

Step 1

Paste the HTML source/tags for the entire file (webpage) containing the form you want to add validation to below. This will normally start with <html> or <!DOCTYPE  and end with </html>.

Paste your HTML code here:

Optional Account ID
If you are using our form processing service, fill in your account ID (this is a 5 digit number) and also the Form number from the Control Panel. This will give you a complete form which is ready to upload to your website and run! You'll automatically be emailed the results of each submission. You can also save each visitor's data on our server (where you can easily download all the data and import it into your spreadsheet or database), send an autoresponder/thank you note to the visitor, and much more!  Sign up for a free 10 day trial

Account ID: : (this is your 5-digit account number. For example, 12345, not your email address).
Form Number:  (this is Form #1, 2, 3...etc from the Control Panel)

If you need help setting up your form in the Control Panel, please see our tutorial.

If your form already includes javascript form field validation and/or you do not want to use the FormBreeze validation, you can still use this tool to update your form to use our processing service. If you don't specify any fields to validate in Step 2, then no javascript validation code will be added to your form.  However, we strongly recommend that every form have some type of field validation.

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