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Why should I use FormBreeze to make the forms on my website work?

How do I get my forms working with FormBreeze? 

Can you tell me more about how HTML Forms work?

Does FormBreeze build forms for me?

How does the Field Validation Tool work?

Can I edit my Form HTML directly to use your processing service?

Can you tell me something about the company behind FormBreeze?

How much does FormBreeze cost? 

Can I resell the FormBreeze Service?  I am a web designer.  Can I use the service for my clients' sites?

Why should I use FormBreeze to make the forms on my website work?

FormBreeze offers you a unique combination of power, ease-of-use and security. You can have your forms working exactly the way you want almost instantly--and you can take advantage of features that simply aren't available elsewhere unless you go out and hire a web programmer.

For example, you can check the data entered in the form for correct formatting, send personalized autoresponder messages to your visitors, and collect data on the server for later download, and sign visitors up with mailing lists. And you can do all this without any programming, software installation/configuration or even editing HTML tags. No technical skills are required.

FormBreeze always gives you a completely professional look and feel and is appropriate for both personal and business/organizational sites. Visitors to your website will be unaware that you are using FormBreeze and will never see any advertising or promotional links.

You never have to worry about spammers hijacking scripts on your website or harvesting your email address and bombarding you with spam because everything is handled securely on our server.

FormBreeze gives you an easy-to-use Control Panel that lets you manage the way your forms work, view statistics, define autoresponder messages, and view/download your data. You can access your Control Panel from anywhere with a web connection--so managing your forms and accessing your data and statistics is as easy as logging into a Yahoo! Mail or Hotmail account.

How do I get my forms working with FormBreeze?

It's easy!

Our visual tutorial will walk you through the steps necessary to get your forms working. There are no scripts, no programming, no worrying about cgi-bin or other technical issues.

If you do run into any problems getting your form(s) to work, just emai us at support@formbreeze.com. Send us the form (or a URL to its location) and we'll help you set it up.

Can you tell me more about how HTML Forms work?

Yes, here is more about how HTML forms work.

Does FormBreeze build forms for me?

No, FormBreeze is a processing service that makes your forms work--not a form builder.  The HTML editor or tool that you use to create your webpages most likely has very good tools for creating forms. In general, you will get a much more effective and professional-looking result by building and hosting your own forms. That way, you can make your forms look and work exactly the way you want.

Download a FREE copy of PageBreeze -- our full-featured visual HTML editor! PageBreeze  includes a drag and drop Form Builder that makes
creating cool web forms a breeze!

With FormBreeze, you simply build your form with your HTML editor, then run it through our field validation tool to add powerful field checking. This will insure that your users enter properly-formatted information. Then you upload the form to your webserver just as you do your other HTML pages. FormBreeze will work with any form.

You control the way the form works and view statistics and data collected for the form in the FormBreeze Control Panel. You can change things like the email address where the form results are sent, the autoresponder messages sent to your visitors, and the information collected on the server just by logging into your control panel. You don't need to modify the HTML form page on your website at all.

If you need help getting started with creating forms, a great technique is to simply look at other websites. If you find a form that will meet your needs, use your browser's Save As command to save the form. Then open it in your HTML editor and modify it to meet your needs.

How does the Field Validation Tool work?

Our free field validation tool lets you add powerful field checking to your forms without programming or HTML tag editing of any kind. Field validation insures that your required fields have been filled in and that things like email addresses and phone numbers are formatted correctly before your form is submitted. Field validation is essential if your forms are to work in a professional fashion.

The field validation added by FormBreeze is powered by JavaScript--but you never have to worry about any programming or technical details.

Using the field validation tool is easy: Just copy and paste the HTML source for your form page. Then use the tool to visually define the fields you want to verify. Finally, simply copy and paste the updated HTML code provided by FormBreeze into your form page.  If you are using the FormBreeze form processing service, this tool will also update your form page so it will work as soon as you upload it to your Website.

After your code has been modified to include field validation, you can still edit the page normally in your HTML editor. If you want to change the way the field validation works, just use the FormBreeze validation tool again in the same way, and you'll be able to update your previous settings.

Can I edit my Form HTML directly to use your processing service?

Sure, it's easy. Just set the action in your form tag as follows:

<form action="http://www.formbreeze.com/cgi-bin/process.cgi" ...

then add a hidden field like this: 

<input type="hidden" name="formbreeze" value="12345-1">

where 12345 is your 5-digit account ID and -1 indicates the number of the form in your Control Panel (this will be clear to you when you log into your account).

For example, if you account is 28765 and the form is the second entry in your control panel, the hidden field would look like this:

<input type="hidden" name="formbreeze" value="28765-2">
Alternatively, you can just use the Field Validation tool, and in Panel 2, do not add any fields to validate. If you don't add any fields, no validation code will be added to your form, but the form processing changes will still be made.

Can you tell me something about the company behind FormBreeze?

FormBreeze is a service from Solutionsoft --one of the leading vendors of software development tools for internet and MS Windows programmers. Solutionsoft has been in business since 1993 and has developed a number of award-winning products for website developers and documentation/website authors. Our products are used by thousands of professionals at industry-leading organizations like Intel, IBM, Microsoft, General Motors and Hewlett Packard.

How much does FormBreeze cost?

FormBreeze is extremely affordable. The cost is just $7.95 per month for up to 3 forms or $19.95 per month for up to 10 forms.

Can I resell the FormBreeze Service? I am a web designer.  Can I use the service for my clients' sites?

Yes! FormBreeze is ideal for web designers or others who wish to implement and manage form processing for their clients.  With FormBreeze you can offer your clients powerful features with absolutely no programming or working with scripts.

Since each FormBreeze account can have forms on multiple domains, you can serve multiple clients with a single account. For example, a 10-form account could potentially serve up to 10 different clients.  We now offer accounts with up to 100 forms at volume pricing levels:

3-Forms $7.95/mo
10-forms $19.95/mo
20-Forms $29.95/mo
50-Forms $64.95/mo
100-Forms $99.95/mo

To get started, simply sign up for a trial account. You can then purchase the service by clicking the "Purchase" link in the upper right corner of your control panel. Your account will automatically upgrade to the level you purchase.

Note:  In order to mix clients within accounts, you will need to handle the setup and management of the forms, autoresponders, etc. for your clients. If you want your client to handle these issues directly, then you should instead have the client sign up for an individual account.

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